A Professional in Every Sense of the Word

After attempting a resolution to my case with two previous lawyers, Sarah took control and coordinated exactly what I wanted. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Extremely understanding, honest, and dedicated to helping you resolve your legal problem. She presents you with every option available and makes sure you understand the issues for whatever direction you may take. Then she completes all the required tasks in a timely manner to resolve your case as quickly as possible. Sarah always kept me informed about what was going on and used her knowledge of the law to guide me in the correct direction to solve the case. Options. That's what she gives you. Then she helps you decide the best way to attack the problem. My case was settled in my favor more than I anticipated. But that's because Sarah knew exactly how far we could go and what to ask for. Do yourself a favor. Let Sarah help you with your legal problem.


The Best Attorney I Have Worked With

Sarah went above and beyond my expectations!! I hired Sarah about 5 months ago to alter an existing parenting plan, so I could move out of state with my daughter. Sarah was always professional and polite throughout the entire process and even worked on her off time to help me get my situation resolved in time for me to transfer (at no extra charge BTW). She is by far the best attorney I have worked with, and I have gone through several over the years. After a friend of mine saw how she handled my case, he fired his attorney and hired Sarah.


She Treated Me with Respect

This was the first time I've met an attorney who actually cared. I did not have a lot of money, but I had a very difficult case and neither was enough to make Sarah turn me away. She worked very hard for me and treated me with respect. She kept me informed on the status of my case. My personal opinion is that Sarah is one of the best Attorneys in Memphis. If you need an Attorney she is the best. She can make any situation better. I know because without her help I would've failed, no doubt about it.


She Displayed a Sense of Professionalism and Understanding

I was going through a divorce and had just lost my job when I met Sarah through a network of friends. I asked her some basic questions regarding my divorce and how to lower my child support until I was able to get a new job. Sarah displayed a sense of professionalism and understanding of my situation, and I immediately hired her for my case. Throughout my divorce she was very willing to answer any questions I had, and explained the next step of the divorce very fluently. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking any form of Family Law.


Sarah Is Very Alert and Attentive

Mrs. Turner represented me after my ex-husband had been harassing me after divorce. Sarah is very alert and attentive. She has a great memory, very organized, very knowledgeable, and detail oriented. I enjoyed watching her cornering him during the court hearing. She put a lot of effort into proofs and weaving them together to prove our points. She led me through the procedure and I was very comfortable and confident. I was extremely satisfied in my court hearing watching her prove our case for the wins! Thank you Sarah for all the hard work you do!


Exceeded My Expectations

Where do I start…Mrs Turner went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations of what any divorce attorney would do. She was very knowledgeable, returned calls and messages her staff was very polite also helpful she fought the course for me with my divorce I would definitely highly recommend Mrs Sarah Turner for any divorce needs, she will definitely go to war for you!


Real and Down to Earth

This place is awesome if the need arises. . . Miss Turner is clearly on point and knows what she is doing. . . She is also real and down to earth on what likely to expect. . . Down to earth, on point, and not over priced. . . All of the staff was fantastic too. . . Highly recommend her!!


She Will Fight for You Until the End

Mrs Turner explained everything to us upfront before we hired her she was extremely professional she answered our questions…Mrs Turner is a beast in the courtroom she will fight for you until the end. Definitely recommend her.


She Is On Your Side

Ms. Turner was upfront, truthful and returns calls promptly. You can always trust that she is on your side. I have used two other attorneys and they do not compare to her. She cares about you and your family.


Her Practice Operates Very Efficiently

Sarah was a tremendous person to hire as an attorney to help guide me through the dissolution of a near 15 year marriage with multiple children. She was honest, factual, attentive, and respectful of what was important to me. Most importantly, she has a keen ability to understand people in a short period of time. She brought up many things during the creation of the MDA that I had not thought about previously that remain helpful today in navigating life post-divorce. From a pure business perspective, her practice operates very efficiently and she is very organized. All expectations regarding fees, payments, and the entire process are as clear up front as they can be. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking a family law attorney. For me, she was exactly the attorney I needed.


She Was Very Instrumental In Her Role

Sarah Turner has worked our case involving getting custody and ultimately adopting our granddaughters for over 8 years!!! This past week we finally got the adoption and I'm very happy to say that Sarah was always there for us when we needed her. She answered all of our questions and was compassionate and professional through the entire ordeal of working our way through the different levels of court that we had to endure.

She was very instrumental in her role as the lead attorney as this case involved 2 other attorneys on our side plus the Guardian ad Litem over these 8 years. I highly recommend her to anyone who has any family law issues. She will by far be the best friend you could ever have in this area of law.

-Ted Harris

She Was Always Honest and Level-headed

Sarah Turner has been our attorney for the past nine years. We retained her services to assist with a D&N hearing and custody of our grandchildren. The court process was long, complicated, and stressful, but Ms. Turner was there to reassure and fight with us the entire way. When our outcome looked iffy, she leveled with us. When our outcome looked great, she told us that, too. She was always honest and level-headed with regard to expectations and next steps.

This case spanned three courts and four judges and involved not only us as custodians, but two additional sets of custodians and a total of five children. Ms. Turner helped us keep the case organized and on track, was always professional, and has become a friend to our family. She is an excellent resource for family law matters.

-Samantha Harris