A Professional in Every Sense of the Word

After attempting a resolution to my case with two previous lawyers, Sarah took control and coordinated exactly what I wanted. She is a professional in every sense of the word. Extremely understanding, honest, and dedicated to helping you resolve your legal problem. She presents you with every option available and makes sure you understand the issues for whatever direction you may take. Then she completes all the required tasks in a timely manner to resolve your case as quickly as possible. Sarah always kept me informed about what was going on and used her knowledge of the law to guide me in the correct direction to solve the case. Options. That's what she gives you. Then she helps you decide the best way to attack the problem. My case was settled in my favor more than I anticipated. But that's because Sarah knew exactly how far we could go and what to ask for.

Do yourself a favor. Let Sarah help you with your legal problem.

-Bob Novotny

The Best Attorney I Have Worked With

Sarah went above and beyond my expectations!!

I hired Sarah about 5 months ago to alter an existing parenting plan, so I could move out of state with my daughter. Sarah was always professional and polite throughout the entire process and even worked on her off time to help me get my situation resolved in time for me to transfer (at no extra charge BTW). She is by far the best attorney I have worked with, and I have gone through several over the years. After a friend of mine saw how she handled my case, he fired his attorney and hired Sarah.

-Mike Johnson

She Treated Me with Respect

This was the first time I've met an attorney who actually cared. I did not have a lot of money, but I had a very difficult case and neither was enough to make Sarah turn me away. She worked very hard for me and treated me with respect. She kept me informed on the status of my case. My personal opinion is that Sarah is one of the best Attorneys in Memphis. If you need an Attorney she is the best. She can make any situation better. I know because without her help I would've failed, no doubt about it.

-Nika Jones

She Displayed a Sense of Professionalism and Understanding

I was going through a divorce and had just lost my job when I met Sarah through a network of friends. I asked her some basic questions regarding my divorce and how to lower my child support until I was able to get a new job. Sarah displayed a sense of professionalism and understanding of my situation, and I immediately hired her for my case. Throughout my divorce she was very willing to answer any questions I had, and explained the next step of the divorce very fluently. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone seeking any form of Family Law.

-Stephen Miller