Securing The Financial Support That Your Child Needs

Both parents are required to financially support their children in Tennessee. Typically, one parent has primary care of their child while the other pays child support. This scenario is flexible depending upon each parent's personal and financial circumstances.

Parents sometimes attempt to handle their child support matters alone. Child support is a complex concept. Mistakes can be made without assistance from a legal professional, leading to issues with child support. At the Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner, we will uncover any hidden income from your ex, and we will fight to secure a fair amount of child support for your family.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support is established by the court based upon the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines. The court will determine who pays child support based on a number of factors, including each parent's financial resources and the number of days each parent actually spends with their child per year. The amount of child support is impacted by a number of things, including both parents' gross annual income and the cost of benefits and child care provided by one or both parents. The percentage that each parent makes up of that combined family income determines the base monthly child support obligation. Other important considerations for the court include:

  • The number of children that require financial support

  • The number of days each parent actually spends with the children per year

  • The child's current standard of living

  • Child care

  • Health, vision, and dental insurance

  • Out-of-pocket expenses for doctor visits and medical expenses

Solving Issues and Enforcing Child Support

If you are facing issues with establishing or obtaining child support then contact our office right away. We have experience litigating child support issues at every stage. We are also highly experienced in child support modifications.

No child should go without the financial support that they need. Sarah M. Turner is a compassionate yet tough family law attorney who will fight child support violations. She will advocate on your behalf in court to obtain the payment that your child needs.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact an Experienced Family Law Attorney

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