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Compassionate And Direct Representation For Child Custody And Parenting Time

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At the Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner, we offer mediation and litigation services to solve your child custody issues. We will help you work through difficult schedules and varying opinions to find clear solutions. Sarah M. Turner is experienced in high-conflict situations and can help even the most complex parenting situations. She uses a compassionate and direct approach to help parents establish child custody, create an effective parenting plan and settle child support. We also offer child custody and visitation modification and enforcement services when your circumstances change.

Helping You Stay Focused on What Is Important

Fighting over child custody and parenting time can become very stressful. Ms. Turner has many years' experience in navigating this emotionally trying time and will help you focus on what is important: preserving your time with your child and your child's well-being. Ultimately child custody should be about what is best for your child.
The intended outcome should be to maximize parenting time for both parents. Even so, one parent is typically designated as the primary residential parent when there is conflict. This means that the child is in their care more often. While this may lead to feelings of unfairness, you should not let your child get in the middle of that conflict. It is important to be respectful to one another in the presence or earshot of your child. Your child will watch your actions and learn from them. Your child's happiness, health, and future depend on your actions today.

As an experienced litigation attorney and mediator, Ms. Turner can guide your family through difficult and emotional conversations. You and your ex will depend on one another to make the right choices for your child and comply with the parenting time agreement. Finding peaceful child custody solutions can be invaluable to effectively working with your ex after divorce.

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