Post-divorce child support modifications can be granted due to a substantial and material change in circumstances. Examples of a change of circumstances include job loss, an increase in benefits, an increase or decrease in salary, or health issues. If you and your ex have several children together and one child turns eighteen and graduates high school, then the total payment amount should be altered to reflect that as well.

You may wish to modify the parenting plan because you believe that it is in your child's best interest to change the primary residential parent, change the day-to-day schedule, or one parent relocates. Changes such as these can be difficult to accomplish because the court must determine if the changes are substantial and material and in your child's best interests while maximizing parenting time for both parties. It is important to receive assistance from an experienced attorney to ensure the best possible results in court.

At the Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner, we offer representation for the modification of court orders and legal agreements in Tennessee. We have experience modifying:

  • Child custody and parenting plans

  • The terms of your divorce

  • Child support orders

  • Alimony orders

A Determined Legal Advocate for Enforcement Services

Your ex has legal obligations. If they are not holding up their end of a legal agreement then you can demand that they follow court orders with our assistance. We can advocate on your behalf in court to enforce child support, the terms of your parenting plans, spousal support orders, and more.

If your ex is not paying their child support or spousal support order then we can work to garnish payments. If they are withholding rightful time with your children then we can enforce your original parenting plan. Sarah M. Turner is a tough attorney in the courtroom, experienced in litigation and enforcement processes. She can help you obtain the payment or agreement that you are legally owed.

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