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Divorce is a difficult process that touches on all areas of your life. You should not attempt to navigate this tough time alone while everything you value is at stake. Put an advocate on your side who will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Work with the Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner in Memphis, Tennessee, to start moving forward today.

Attorney Turner proudly assists families in the counties of Shelby, Tipton, Fayette, and Hardeman. If you are considering filing for divorce or already navigating the legal system, allow Sarah to take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time.



What Can Sarah Turner Do For You?

The Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner offers compassionate and determined representation for clients facing divorce and separation. Sarah strives to assist clients with:

Attorney Turner offers various options for divorce, allowing you to pick the avenue that fits your needs. You have the option to pick from traditional divorce options such as litigation, or you may opt for a different path, like alternative dispute resolution.

Sarah M. Turner is an experienced and highly qualified litigation lawyer, but she also recognizes and understands the value of amicable resolutions. Peaceful solutions are invaluable for your and your child's well-being. We offer alternative resolution methods such as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce. These two paths are often less stressful and less expensive than traditional litigation.

Understanding the Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation

In Tennessee, married couples have the option to separate instead of filing for divorce. Separation is very similar to divorce in that spouses divide their assets and debts, establish child custody agreements and visitation for their children. The difference remains that the couple continues to be technically married. Neither party can remarry while separated.

Why Choose Separation?

Legal separation allows both parties to remain on each other's health insurance policies. This can also be beneficial for individuals seeking to remain the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Otherwise, divorce and separation are very similar. However, it must be noted that all assets acquired by either party after the court grants a legal separation belong only to the person that acquired the asset. Your spouse will not have any claim to assets received by your post-legal separation and vise versa.

You will still need to deal with the same legal processes and fees. In the end, either spouse may use the separation agreement to complete the divorce after two (2) years of separation.

To determine whether legal separation or divorce is right for you and your family, reach out to Sarah Turner today to discuss your specific situation. Attorney Turner will seek the individualized solution that best fits your unique needs.

Why Trust Sarah Turner to Handle Your Divorce or Legal Separation

The change that divorce brings can be freeing, but it can also be frightening. When you’re dealing with such a difficult issue, let the Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner stand by you.

Attorney Turner understands that you may feel as though all hope is lost when your marriage does not work out. She is here to show you that your future is bright, and it’s waiting for you. Taking the necessary steps to move forward today will help you gain peace of mind tomorrow. Sarah will advocate for you, your children, and your best interests through the divorce or legal separation process.

If you are located in the counties of Shelby, Tipton, Fayette, or Hardeman, talk to Sarah in Memphis, Tennessee today. You don’t have to deal with your divorce or separation alone. Sarah is here to help you carry the weight.

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When your family is facing difficulties like a divorce or legal separation, let the Law & Mediation Office of Sarah Turner in Memphis, Tennessee, guide you toward a resolution. Attorney Turner will craft creative solutions to meet your unique needs. Don’t wait to start moving toward the brighter future you deserve. Reach out to Sarah today.