Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

An increasing number of Tennessee couples are seeking alternative options to expensive and difficult divorce litigation. Collaborative law offers the same legal representation as traditional litigation in a lower stress, lower cost path to divorce and parenting agreements.

Collaborative law is similar to mediation in its benefits. Collaborative law is different in that the process is often longer and you have additional experts at your disposal, depending on the specific needs of your case. Collaborative lawyers are specially trained, meaning there are a limited number of collaborative lawyers in Shelby County. As one of the top collaborative lawyers in the area, Sarah M. Turner is determined to protect your interests while preserving your future.

Why Choose The Collaborative Process?

Collaborative lawyers use alternative dispute resolution methods to amicably resolve your divorce and/or custody matters. This means that compromise and peaceful methods are encouraged to find solutions. While this can be difficult for high-conflict families, the process often produces more satisfying results.

Collaborative law is flexible, leaving options for creative solutions to difficult family conflicts. The flexibility of the process allows you to stay in control. You can decide the speed of the process. You can also receive assistance from third-party neutrals such as financial experts, speech and language coordinators or child psychologists to help facilitate discussions and come to decisions.

Fortunately, the process is completely confidential, meaning that your methods, witnesses and experts can influence your agreement without the court ever knowing. Many couples value discretion and prefer to make major decisions about their divorce and child custody agreements in private. This is one way to do that.

Once everything is solved and agreements have been made you then file for divorce. This is the only time that you will be required to step foot in court. The judge will only be aware of the final settlement papers presented for approval, not the facts or circumstances that led to those settlements.

Speak With A Collaborative Lawyer About Your Options

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